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Doherty and Clark offer a range of services essential to buying and maintaining your new tyres.

Come in and see one of our tyre professionals to ensure your getting the best possible performance out of your vehicles' tyres.

Wheel Alignment

It's important to make sure your vehicles wheels are aligned correct, for both the safety purposes and the longevity of your tyres.

Incorrect wheel alignment can occur gradually over time without even noticing but the mainly signs to look out for are;

  • Car pulling to one side 
  • Tyres wearing excessively, or unevenly 
  • Steering wheel vibrating 
  • Constantly steering your car to travel straight ahead

This can be contributed to by worn or lose suspension components, an impact which can alter the alignment, a change in suspension height caused by sagging springs or excessive load carrying.

If you feel your vehicles needs a alignment, see one of our tyre professionals at Doherty & Clark today.

Wheel Balancing

Here at Doherty & Clark, we use the latest wheel balancing equipment and knowledge to make sure your getting the best performance out of your tyres while maximising their life.

Wheel balancing is extremely important to make sure you stay safe on the roads with tyres from Doherty & Clark.

Wheel Repairs & Restorations

Here at Doherty & Clark, we offer wheel repair and restoration as an alternative to wheel replacement.

Chat with our tyre professionals about removing those scratches, straigthening your rims, painting and polishing your wheels to look like new again.